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Next video?

June 14th, 2014

I have been enjoying my time out afloat but have not been doing much photo-for-video capture, so there has been an absence of my video’s for ooo too long. I do actually have an unprocessed set from erm about 3 years ago which includes a near miss with a British Waterways Canal River Trust Boat which proves you can do an emergency stop with a boat! However my plan for my next cruise is once more on the Calden, so hopefully I’ll have the  kinks worked out and have more video to report.

Out on the Caldon

April 19th, 2014

We went out for a few days before Easter, though wasn’t sure how busy or would be – it is after all the school holidays. We set off from Heritage boats and down to the Harecastle Tunnel. We had a short wait whilst boats were coming through but no queue this side. Once through we carried on up the Caldon canal. Three was a local who’s hobby was to help people through the locks. Unusual.
The canal seems to have gone through some improvements since my last trip here, with some new lock gates and improved tow paths. Indeed as we progressed up the canal we found workmen upgrading the path, so out looks like they will be doing the whole length.


June 1st, 2013

My current contract is coming to an end, but I’m happy with my Samsung S2 phone and so do not really feel the need to update it. So an alternative is to go SIM only which is a lot cheaper (because you are not effectively paying for the cost of a handset over the length of the contract). Just need to see what now.

Lock 200

September 2nd, 2012

We are out on the canals and heading to the River Severn, to Gloucester. Someone had just told us about the Lock 200 event celebrating the bicentenary of the lock opening taking place 6th-9th September. Wonder of its too late to book a slot?

Olympic Fever – who’s the 10%

August 13th, 2012

Well the Olympics are over (just the paralympics to go) and almost thinking what the fuss was. The Guardian reports 90% of the population watched at least 15 minutes of it on BBC TV. Well I didn’t watch most of it – probably just squeezed past the 15 minute mark as I watched the kayak races. So who were the 10% – maybe those who avidly against the games? Quite a surprise at the figures, though I suppose many were like me – with so much of it on TV you can’t resist to watch a little, just to see what all the fuss was about :P .