Bad PC

The strange, or is it sad, thing of technology is that you tend to rely on it, or more specific one aspect above others. It’s human nature of course but people rely on things until they go bad. I have a desktop. laptop, and mobile phone, all capable of providing daily internet access, but its my desktop that is my mainstay rock that suddenly puts a spoke in the wheel. My PC went fzzzt and well as it was time to upgrade got a new core, i.e. cpu motherboard memory combo, as googling suggested a motherboard fault The new upgrades didn’t work, which I then found must be the PSU (unplugging everything else meant either one of the components I bought was faulty or the PSU was, and using an old switching PSU that liked to switch itself of at boot time I found my new stuff worked fine, so it was the PSU). I have an OCZ PSU which comes with a 3 year warranty, so I took it back to CCL who are sending it off to get me a replacement. In the meantime I’m down to laptop amd mobile. The problem is that whilst my laptop can do everything my desktop can (one reason my desktop was in need of updating) I tended to only install programs on my laptop that I would want to use whilst away.

So all my programs are safe, all my data similarly, but the next set of video timelapse journeys are all delayed because both the source photos and applications used to produce the videos are on my desktop and not my laptop. There are several other things I am supposed to be doing but a downed desktop is delaying this. They say back up your data, which I do, but they don’t say mirror everything to an identical pc as a back-up, so when something goes wrong your data may be safe, it’ll just take a while before you are back up and running.

Things aren’t so bad as I can blame technology for any delays I have 😀 . It’s just twiddle thumbs time in the in between.

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