Time Lapse Films

One thing that has interested me for a while has been Time Lapse film, and it occurred to me these would be a great way of making “video diaries” of boating holidays. A video of each day at normal speed wouldn’t be really interesting (IMO) but condensing each day down to a few minutes should remain interesting enough. With this in mind I got a Ricoh R6 camera, partly because I wanted a new camera with a wider zoom range, and because it also supported “interval shooting” – that is shots automatically taken at defined time periods. So as a test I took the camera out on a run on the M62, setting it to take shots every 5 seconds.


2 Responses to “Time Lapse Films”

  1. Hamez Says:

    how did you edit the photo’s together? I want to give it a go. I too have an R6 🙂

  2. Nic Says:

    I used virtualdub to edit the photos into a movie – simply “open” the first picture (it will automatically load all the pictures sequentially numbered in the same directory), then “save” as an avi. You may need to choose what compression (e.g. xvid) to use etc before saving.