Warwickshire Ring (Day 1) Upper Oxford

We arrived on Fri May 11th but as it was raining heavily we just wend down the the Bridge Inn in Napton. Saturday was the real first day, with a bright start we headed for Braunston and then up the Oxford. The camera was set up and performed well, taking shots every 5 seconds. Obviously the rain meant I was fixing it inside and so there was rain on the window in the shots. I’ve edited this into a video:


We stopped in Rugby to get supplies at the Tesco and take the chance to wait the rain out over a late lunch. When we set off a boat coming round the corner kept to the wrong side meaning I had to go round him and the corner, and miss all the moored boats there.

One Response to “Warwickshire Ring (Day 1) Upper Oxford”

  1. Julie Perry Says:

    Hey Nic,

    GREAT STUFF…We’d love to cover this in next Monday’s episode. I just tried sending you an email via YouTube, but they’re doing that routine maintenance jazz that has messaging and favoriting disabled. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, this is one of my favorites. High-speed turn was another one. It’s so cool that you’re keeping your diaries this way.

    I’ll be in touch!