Warwickshire Ring : Coventry

Our holiday in May was the Warwickshire Ring in a week, hampered by many days of rain. Day 2 was the 13th May 2007 when we went from Hawkesbury Junction to Fazeley Junction, so completing most of the Coventry Canal in one day…


The day started off sunny, even though we encountered a mass of smoke from an engine early on. We were hoping to get a few hours in before the rain started but it didn’t even last until 10am before the heavens opened, later on this stopped to an occasional drizzle.

For each day of the trip I used a shoot interval function on my camera to allow me to create time lapse videos as cruise diaries. I’ve been having computer problems, so there’s been a delay in putting up day 2. Still its here, and I’ll get on with doing Day 3 the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.

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