Warwickshire Ring : Fazeley – Birmingham

Warwickshire Ring Day 3 (14th May 2007) Fazeley – Birmingham

We set off from Fazeley just after 8am, since it was to be a long day (once we past Curdworth there are few safe moorings) as we were going for the centre of Birmingham. There’s a time lapse video diary below.
The morning was overcast but the rain had stopped, so we made good time to Curdworth. We had to wait for a couple of boats coming down, but mostly the locks were with us – sign of a good omen so on we went…


After stopping for lunch we went through Minworth locks in warm sunshine, oh a nice day to be boating. We reached the M6 “Spaghetti Junction” (Salford Junction on the canal) just after 4pm, so almost there. Only 3 miles of canals to go … oh and 24 locks! We went up the Ashton 11 locks in just under 2 hours to get out at 6.05pm. Now we had a choice, there were some moorings round here that we’ve used previously, but going into Birmingham was a preference as we could then go out for the evening. So on we went towards the Farmers Br. 13.

Unfortunately our prop got snared by something!!! Oh great, a really unwanted delay. So off with the hatch cover and down I go. Up to the armpit in cold water and a failing light I find a blanket which luckily comes off fairly easily. Then on we go through the locks. 13, 12, 11, 10 – not a sole in sight and the locks are empty (mostly, just the odd one full?). The sun is setting and the end is insight – no night cruising for us, hurrah! 9, 8, 7, 6, … and on though the top lock. Now off to find a mooring space. One on the corner but we pass and then see all the other spots have private mooring signs for trip boats etc. Okay, time to go back and reverse parallel park into the space – what you’ve seen cars do it all the time, so why not a narrowboat??


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  1. PIGandPINEAPPLE Says:

    A blog as well. Twat me round the back of the head with a wet kipper. Do you yhink we should have one?

  2. Nic Says:

    Guess I didn’t hide it well enough! LOL. It does give somewhere to add more details on video trips that you don’t get in the YouTube space. Plus I can wonder off on other topics too.