Warwickshire: Stratford Canal

Warwickshire Ring Day 4: 15th May 2007

Birmingham – Hockley Heath (Worcester & Birmingham canal then the Stratford-on-Avon Canal)

Since we were in Birmingham city centre we decided to have a wonder around the shops, so actually didn’t set off until midday. We’re doing the Warwickshire Ring in a week, and seemed to be ahead of schedule, so why not.


Off we chugged down the W&B. The canal was quiet and we soon reached Edgebaston Tunnel and it wasn’t until we reached the University Campus that we met another boat.

It was a bright day – had the rain gone for good? We could only wait. We soon reached King’s Norton and left the W&B behind – hello Stratford. A nice day to be out cruising – no other boats so having the canal to ourselves was great. I donned my coat for the Brandwood Tunnel, since not having been through before wasn’t sure if it was dry or not. A light shower later spoiled the sunny day, but it was only a brief spell.

We encountered a Heron shortly before the M42, and it decided to join us for a game of tag, waiting until the boat was level with it before flyuing off the bank only to land several yards later to once again wait for us. This lasted 10 minutes, which is quite long since usually its only for a couple of minutes.

The route we were taking meant there was no locks to do, just a swing bridge to slow us down. At 5pm, just before Hockley Heath we passed a boat yard so took on some diesel, although we passed at first we simply reversed in after the boat there reversed back to their mooring spot. Onwards then to our mooring for the night.

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