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This website has appeared on TV, okay not the big broadcast channels but a web-tv ont. Theboaters.TV is a US site featuring webisodes of news and boating related story. Whilst the clip may be brief, I like it, and for those who haven’t seen it, here’s a link…


2 Responses to “website on TV”

  1. Julie Perry Says:

    Dear Nic,

    I’m so happy to hear you liked the episode. I personally would have liked to have featured more footage from your videos; however, I did not instruct my editor on how much to include, and those were the portions he chose. (I don’t typically see the final edits until the episodes are ready to post.) Had it been up to me, I would’ve let the videos play quite a bit longer — and sans voiceover.

    I did receive quite a few comments from viewers and colleagues on how interesting they thought the narrowboat piece was and how they, too, would’ve like to have seen/heard more.

    One way to look at it is that our show introduced your genre of boating — and the wonderful way you go about capturing and sharing your journeys — with an entirely new audience, who might not otherwise have ever come across the content (or concept). In briefly covering three to four diverse boating-related topics per thrice-weekly, 5-7 minute episode, that is what The Boaters TV aims to accomplish.

    Based on our audience’s reaction, narrowboat canal cruising, especially as it’s presented via time-lapsed video, is definitely a topic we plan on covering again in the future. I will remain in touch.

    Meanwhile, I thank you for contacting me regarding your content and for sharing the original files so we could air it in the best quality possible.

    All my best to you!
    Julie Perry
    Writer & Host of TheBoaters.TV

    P.S. That’s the first time I’ve seen “webisodes” used. Good one! I’m going to have to start using it. 🙂

  2. Nic Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I do appreciate that there is only so much you can prise into a 5-7 minute episode, I was just stating its brief in case anyone thought it was an episode about UK canals rather than one portion of the program. Bringing other boating interests to a mainly off-shore US cruising audience is a great charm of the show and there are several pieces of the webisodes I’ve enjoyed.

    Cruising on a UK canal at 3 miles-per-hour is a great thing to experience, but not necessarily so as a video (unless its your own experiences you’re reliving). It really has to be made “watchable” – heavily editing to only include sections of the journey is one method, but I like the idea of time-lapse to allow the whole journey to be shown. Still, a 10 hour day in 10 minutes can just seem like a lot of “whizzing round bends”, so I put in place names and maps to help carry the viewer along. Hopefully this will be developed further as I experiment with each trip.