Low Tunnels

Just how low would a tunnel ceiling need to be before you’d really avoid going through? My first trip when I got back into canal holidays was on the Mont & Brec, that’s quite a low tunnel, and then when I bought into Silhouette it was based near the Harecastle and so I frequented that many times. So most tunnels I’m happy with, yet there are many tunnels (such as those on the GU) that are wide enough for boats to pass yet I have seen skippers either wait until they know the tunnel is clear or even reverse out after seeing an oncoming boat inside – strange but true (unless for some reason my swinging the tiller arm to and fro whilst whistling “daisy daisy” inside the tunnel put them off?).

Allan Jones of nb keeping up posted a photo from inside the Froghall.inside froghall tunnel
Now assuming he was steering and composing the photo at the same time, that’s quite a feat or was it just a quick snap so as to not distract from the steering. Either way I’m sure it was exhilarating, and I find it great just to squeeze through – providing you get it all right and don’t forget to remove the chimney stack or add a long scrape down the side!

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