Woo Hoo Famous!

I’m back from my 11 day trip, cut short from 2 weeks mainly due to an allocated appointment at the eye hospital. I set off Friday 7th at around 5pm from Calcutt boats but didn’t start shooting the “video” photos until next morning. An hour, or less, after we’d set off that Saturday we were in Braunston and sat in a queue for the locks, when a guy got off the boat in front and asked if I was “the Nick” who shoots the video, saying he’d seen my camera at the front. Woo hoo I’m famous, well at least a little bit.

The¬† 70,000 or so photo’s I took are waiting to be processed, but in celebration of that meeting with owners on nb Debdale I thought I’d first tackle the Braunston Shuffle¬† [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW0cVWBTN5Q[/youtube]

You can guarantee there’s more videos to follow.

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