GUC Braunston Tunnel

Friday 7th September: A late start in travelling down meant we didn’t get to the boatyard until 4pm. After loading up and then nipping out to the supermarket in nearby Southam, it was after 5 when we set off. With almost two weeks out I’d decided to go down the Grand Union Canal, one route I hadn’t done whilst based at Calcutt, since its the boat is moving bases this winter. It wasn’t for a lack of trying as twice before I had planned to go down, but stoppages prevented me! Once when Braunston Locks were under repair and later I couldn’t get beyond Norton Junction due to delay in winter stoppage work and ended up going to Leicester.

We stopped at Flecknoe for the first night, mainly so we didn’t take the easy option of staying in the boatyard – I don’t think of Silhouette as a house boat! The next morning I set up the camera to start the video-log before setting off into Braunston and heading straight for the locks and into a queue. I was 6th and so time for a coffee break. The boat in front, as I’ve mentioned in another post, was the OS boat Debdale. We lock shared up to the summit before we both went through Braunston Tunnel. This gave us a bit of time to chat about video-blogging and about Ownerships (as they were new owners). We stopped for lunch after the Tunnel and then proceeded onto Buckby Locks, sharing with another boat. After this we travelled to Weedon where we decided to stop and have a walk into the village for the evening.


We went to The Plume of Feathers, a nice pub run by a couple who don’t drink or so a local told us.

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