GUC Stoke Bruerne

Sunday 9th September 2007: Having just come through the tunnel, it was almost 2pm we decided it was a good spot to stop for lunch. Most evenings we go out to a pub for a meal & drink, but Sunday’s are notoriously difficult for this – many pubs don’t serve meals on Sunday evenings or require booking. I suppose if I were organised and kept to a schedule I could do that, but I don’t. It’s hard enough to “be” at a certain point when you are out for Christmas, rather than doing it for every day (its not that I couldn’t but more its not the kind of holiday I want. I prefer to just go and then decide mid afternoon where’s good to stop in the next couple of hours). So on Sunday’s we tend to go to the pub at lunchtime, and eat on board in the evening.

We went to the Boat Inn, after a quick peek into the Navigation saw a long line of people queuing up to order food. We were told our food would take 40 minutes or so as they were busy. Time to have a leisurely lunch and try not to consume too much alcohol before the meal arrived. It took slightly longer than this but it was a nice break. Afterwards we nipped into the canal craft shop on the same side and the museum shop opposite before deciding to set back off in the boat. Although it was now 5pm, thought we may just go a bit further.

We were joined in the locks by an Australian couple doing the London Ring in 3 weeks. It was a nice and sunny late afternoons cruise and we were soon down through the locks and winding our way  with the river Trove. A quiet section of canal, only one boat passed us and most of the moored boats were unoccupied.  By Yardley Wharf the sun was low in the sky, so time to think about stopping. So we carried on to Thrupp Wharf Br. 64 and moored shortly afterwards.  Time now 7.45pm.

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