Size of the task and canalplan

My video diaries are done using a Ricoh Caplio R6 on a suction tripod mount set to take photos at 5 second intervals. As you can appreciate that could mean a lot of photos. So how many? Well having now got all the photos from my trip down the GUC earlier this month onto my computer, I thought I’d do this screenshot:


Though this total contains some processed files, namely 42 files occupying 5GB of space, as I compile the images into video (using a lossless compression). Still that’s some 55,693 individual photo’s from this single 11 day holiday. As you can imagine that will mean I’ll start accumulating a vast array over the next few years. My main aim was simply to use the photos to create the videos. I’m deleting any interim production files (like the video segments) when finished and will probably archive the photos to disc just in case I wanted them again.

Prior to these video log procedure I used to just take photo’s and last June (2006) thought wouldn’t it be great to help out canalplan and ensure I took photos of features they don’t have them for. Not really having any “list” it was simply a matter of looking at the photos to see if I did have any. Now, however, I have a photo of every few feet of the canal sections I’ve traversed. So its quite straight forward to go through and add some. I’ve uploaded a 100 taken between Braunston and Cosgrove, but will probably go through every so often and upload some more.

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  1. Darren Says:

    That’s a lot of photos.