GUC Wendover Arm

A little diversion. Sure I’ve not done the diary for the couple of days before, but this is an hours cruise!We stayed over at Marsworth and wasn’t planning to go down the Wendover Arm, mainly because my Nicholsons said you had to reverse the last section – its the 2005 edition. Not sure if its changed in the newer edition, but the unofficial corrections site doesn’t say anything. I had a walk around the reservoirs and up to the end and was pleasantly surprised about the stage 1 restoration that opened in 2005 that restores another 700m of the arm, not much but enough to allow a winding point and visitor mooring spots beyond the also restored Little Tring Bridge.

I walked back and the next morning, finding that I couldn’t go down my planned route down the Aylesbury Arm because of Blue-Green Algae (I’d phoned before, but on the day was told you had to have a mooring berth down there! A change in policy, or whoever said okay on the phone had forgot to ask if I had a mooring berth in the arm), so fortuitous that I’d had my walk the evening before as we decided to go down the Wendover Arm.

Here’s a little video of it on Youtube:

For those wanting a clearer, higher definition version its now at stage 6.

Its a nice detour, and I urge anyone passing to take the trip down. You get a nice mixture of a rural old narrow canal, industrial town canal, and new restoration – all in what now must be almost 2 miles. The end moorings offer piece and quiet, TV reception is fine, and there are accessible pubs (the ones at Marsworth, you just take the 1 mile footpath past the pumping station and round the reservoirs) but best if you don’t mind staying on board.

There was no way to go and walk further along the canal route, I guess because either its a building site still or the land isn’t public yet!

More information on the restoration from the Wendover Arm Trust’s website

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