Animated add-on for my canal time-lapse videos

I’ve been fascinated with time-lapse videos for many years, so the idea of producing one as a video diary of my holidays afloat seemed a great way of compressing an 8 or 10 hour days cruise into something people are able to watch. Once I’d found the equipment, a ricoh camera that takes shots at fixed intervals,  and software to turn this into a final video (the freeware VirtualDub to sequence the images into video segments, and Adobe Premiere Elements to “produce” the video), I set about recording a trip. When producing my first forays into time-lapse canals I noticed that they seem quite fast (a limitation of my camera is 1 photo every 5 seconds, but realistically something like 1 second intervals would both extend the length and increase the memory requirements), though when comparing with other peoples efforts on Youtube a common shortcoming seemed to be it was easy to “get lost” unless you knew the section of canal intimately! So I set about adding in text (such as bridge numbers) and map picture-in-picture style graphics to help people identify where the boat is at that point. I’m glad to see that at least one other person on youtube has followed suit (with info text titles) in their offerings.

I did have the idea of having an animated map so it followed the route as the boat moved, but wasn’t sure how to do it – I also thought it might be something that’s only in the full Adobe Premiere version, and I wasn’t that interested. In doing the Wendover Arm video I found out there was pan presets – hmm I guess it pays to either mess around with software or at least read a book (maybe I need to buy a book???). So I’ve done a second version of the arm, this time with a little moving map …


That was done using a preset, which I then had to change. Since then I’ve looked more into it and realise you can just set keyframes up – so future videos will be even better!!!

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