Just a glitch, mam

So far I had worked out a good routine of doing my video-blogs. On the trips themselves its just a matter of setting the camera up and changing the battery every 2 hours (or just under) – this at least means it has minimal interference with the “holiday”; capturing the “video” doesn’t take over the holiday allowing you to enjoy the scenery, the peace, and the donning/shedding of waterproofs as is a necessity whilst outdoors in the British “summer”.

When I get home, I have a straight forward to produce the videos, using a few pieces of software, so that I can spend the time fiddling with how it looks (titles, etc.) and converting video when I’m off doing something. That is, until now. Producing the latest part (13th Sept) was going fine, all the preparation was done and I’d spent some time refining techniques (this video has a moving map like the 12th did but now the map moves too), but I couldn’t get the video to render out.

I’ve got the “export error- failed to return a video frame.” problem that seems to have several solutions. It seems to usually be based with source material. So I recreated the video segments (from the still shots) and still had no luck. I even tried exporting segments, which worked, with the idea of joining them up afterwards. This had two problems, the first is there was a slight pause where the segments joined, and second it still crashed on one segment. So through a series of iterations I exported a smaller and smaller piece until I got it down to under half a second. After cutting and deleting this segment it worked. Now I suppose I could have pulled the two halves together but the video was of entering a lock so would have looked like the boat jumped in. Still, not a problem but instead I created a small video clip from the 5 original photos that then fitted in the gap. Now the strange thing is they were the same photos that caused the problem, and compiled into a video sequence using the same software, but this time it worked. I can only think that even though I had tried re-compiling the whole segment from images, somehow Premiere got confused and associated the new complete clip with the old bugged one (maybe a memory bug??). Still glad that got sorted.

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