GUC D9 continued (again)

Hmm writing these pages late at night isn’t that good an idea as you tend to run out of time, okay lets get down to it. Hope you’ve read part 1 & part 2 …

Got to Fenny Stratford and shared the lock with another bargee. We had a chat about the weather, oh very British of us – it is mid-September and the weather is a lot better than it was in May or June, with less traffic on the system as its not a school holiday. I wonder if I should have attempted the London Ring this time, hmm, would have meant long days and probably spent more time worrying whether I could make it round than relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Next up Milton Keynes where the canal isn’t too troubled by the town with the town planners having put many recreational parks adjacent to it. We stopped for lunch overlooking a park and saw a sign for Gulliver’s Kingdom – didn’t realise it was here! The wind was blowing strong so as we set off after lunch it was a case of give the throttle some welly to get speed up before the wind blew us across into moored boats. A quiet afternoon, it had been a quiet day to be fair, and so once we got past New Bradwell it was time to think about mooring rather than waiting until it was dusk. There’s a canal side pub at bridge 68 so we initially pulled in to check the place out – it wasn’t open and wewere unsure whether it did meals. So rather than risk it we carried on onto the embankment stopping before Cosgrove Lock.

As Stage6 has closed here’s a HiQ version @ blip.tv

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