DivX Pro Free for a limited time

I have been using Dr.DivX the free open source software to create the final versions of my Time Lapse Cruise videos to upload to stage6.com. Now whilst there is a DivX Pro out there I never bothered buying it, since Dr.DivX is fine. It normally costs $20, but for a limited time the folks at DivX are giving it away free! So if you’ve ever wanted to convert and compress video’s into DivX format easily with Divx Pro, you may as well get it for free now. I often use XviD for encoding, but I can’t find any of those tools that allow you to encode from WMV files.

For a limited time, Divx is offering a complimentary download of their Divx Pro software, which consists of both a converter and the Codec. The converter includes an easy to use drag-and-drop feature to make your conversion time simpler. This software is definitely a useful one to have available.

It is currently not mentioned when this free download ends, so if you are interested, make it quick. Versions are available for windows and macs.

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