Bemusing Boats at Braunston

Its been a while. Just started doing Day 11 of my cruise, in which I arrive back at Braunston, and noticed a few curious parts that I thought I’d put in a video by themselves. We were not in any rush this day, and actually got to Braunston by 3pm, and shared the locks down with two boats (obviously not at the same time). The second after sharing one lock was very keen to get into the next one putting his boat up to the lock gate, even though there was a boat coming up. Now there usually is enough space for two boats (after all you do see boats paired abreast going through the locks) but the steerer of the boat coming up insisted he move back – its an Ownerships boat (oh I sound like Granny Buttons now).

When we did get into Braunston and moored, obviously a nice time to arrive as there were spaces available, only to see the boat in front decide they didn’t like anyone behind them and went and set off – causing a following boat to slow down quickly and almost go into the bank. He wasn’t on an Ownerships boat. I didn’t notice this manoeuvre at the time as I was putting stuff away. Good job I have the canal-cam.

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