GUC D10 Blisworth Tunnel

Monday 17th September 2007: When we were ready to set off from the embankment below Cosgrove, we first took out time to refuel from the working boat moored below us – reversing the hundred yards or so, to which he commented “I guess you’re not new to this boating lark”. I guess I just like reversing and U-turns – I wonder if there’s a synchronised narrowboating team anywhere??? We set off up through the lock and on past Cosgrove. It was a cool morning and the canal was quiet, and you could almost read a newspaper if it wasn’t for all the bends.

Had a pleasant time chugging along, and passed a couple of boats oncoming. We went up Stoke Bruerne Locks singly, though surmised there must be a boat infront. This was because we met a boat coming out Lock 19, so thought “oo good” the rest will be set for us”, but they were full, so probably a boat had already gone up after the boat we passed had gone down. I suppose from the video it looks like they weren’t all, but that’s because we went up to set the next lock whilst we were rising in the one below. Mind you Lock 15 & 14 were already down – so the boat didn’t get that far, or they have leaky bottom gates.

Next up Blisworth Tunnel, and again we meet a boat oncoming, which I suppose can only be expected in such a long tunnel. We had decided that we may as well have lunch after the tunnel, so just a case of either finding a nice pub or staying on-board. The first pub had a big corporate event on so were not catering for passing trade (well they could probably do you a quick bar meal – not exactly the response we wanted). Setting off after lunch we caught up with a couple of boats after Gayton Junction (so there was life out here after all). The sky was full of dark clouds, and the rain seemed to be holding off – maybe it was the strong winds? We reached Bugbrooke and moored canalside of a pub, but then decided to carry on a bit further. Shouldn’t have bothered as the clouds couldn’t hold it any more and we had a heavy rain shower. It didn’t last that long, so we just carried on and then stopped at Stowehill as it was now getting on.

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