Twenty Questions

Granny Buttons posted about the canal boat magazine game, and several bloggers have taken the challenge. So I thought I’d be like a sheep and join in:

  1. What’s your favourite canal?
    The one I’m on at the time. Each usually has something I like about, such as Northern Oxford looking at the shortening that occurred. Then again apart from this it’s quite boring and maybe I should nominate it for Q2.
  2. And your least-favourite?
    The one I’m on, if its pelting it down and there’s no decent moorings around. I’ll nominate the Southern Oxford as you can go ages before you find anywhere.
  3. Who would be your ideal cruising companion?
    A clone of myself, that way I could drive the boat and operate the locks. Hmm. Its not that I’m a loner or totally big headed I just like steering and operating the locks.
  4. What was the last book you read? (I reckon the question should be “last waterways book you read, not including magazines or canal guides”)
    Barking by Tom Holt, and as far as Waterways book, I guess the first Narrow Dog book, or can we have books that mention canals?
  5. What’s your favourite time of day on the waterways?
    A sunny afternoon, you can relax and enjoy the cruise without having to squint at the sun which is usually the case a few hours later.
  6. What irritates you most on the waterways?
    Impatient boaters, such as those who empty/fill a lock that’s set for you just because they got there first. Ooo and owners who moor right next to locks or the mooring posts and then moan because you come close to them because you want to use the lock.
  7. When would you most like to have lived?
    Either 1790 or 2090. It would have been great to live through the Canal Mania, assuming that I was involved, though not just as a navvie – don’t think I’d like to have been some factory worker with no access to canals. So how about some time in the future when there are solar powered narrowboats and you can easily work virtually from onboard.
  8. When did you last fall in?
    December 2005, a chilly afternoon when I was just mooring up in a marina having been out for a week and was tying the bow to the next boat.
  9. What did you want to be at 12?
    Not sure, it could well to be a canal boater as that was my first holiday on a hire narrowboat – I’d been on the Broads a few times when we hired cruisers, but this time it was with our neighbours who’d hired many times, so we had a 70′ hire boat and I was given a few goes at steering.
  10. If I didn’t have narrowboating I’d … ?
    be on the Broads, or possibly be non-floating caravan.
  11. Narrowboaters are … ?
    A very friendly bunch, willing to chat and always willing to help.
  12. After a day’s cruising I most look forward to …
    A beer at the pub we’ve moored near.
  13. The waterways need … ?
    Straightening, there’s too many bends in it … LOL. Less longterm moorings, I go out to enjoy the canals not passing miles of moored boats who’s owners use it as a weekend floating caravan. I was pleased when BW said they’d remove moorings in proportion to new marina moorings coming on-line, but not so when they gave-in to some boaters who complained when they tried to remove their cheap moorings.
  14. If you met the Waterways Minister on the towpath, what would you say to him?
    Nothing, because I’m sure he’d only politely say he’d “do his best” to take my suggestions on board and then forget them as soon as I’ve left.
  15. Windows or portholes?
    Windows, since I like to be able to see when inside.
  16. Pumpout or cassette?
    Pumpout. I like my flushing toilet, well I say ‘like’ I just prefer not having to mess with cassettes every day or so. Some people call narrowboats “floating caravans”, but that doesn’t mean I want the full camping experience.
  17. Canals or rivers?
    Canals, though like both.
  18. Where will you be when you are 70?
    Steering a boat, or complaining the locks aren’t at easy as they used to be.
  19. What do you think is your greatest achievement in life?
    Don’t know yet.
  20. What would your superpower be?
    The ability to know what my greatest achievement will be so that I ensure I do it.

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