Blisworth Tunnel (day 2 of GUC cruise)

You can, if it lets you, get carried away producing or improving any video project you are working on – usually there’s a deadline by which you need to finish them. Not so with my video’s, so I could take forever re-tinkering with them, however I’ve tried not to. Producing these time lapse video’s has been a learning process and can easily be shown by viewing the videos. The actual time lapse sequence method remains the same but my earlier ones simply had static titles on, where as later ones incorporated a moving canal map.

Whilst archiving some old photo’s, I realised I still had all the project files for one of the past days, so I thought I’d have a tinker. Just a few hours work but hopefully improves it. I’m not likely to redo all the days – after all I’ve two weeks of new stuff from my cruise down the Avon to do, but thought it’d make a nice distraction.

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