You’ve got to be Quackers…

There are tons of canal events and festivals that occur, and whilst large ones such as Crick will always attract 1000’s of visitors, how do you make a less known one a successful event? One way could be to host an unusual competition, such as the Duck Race being held in the Delph Locks for the 150th anniversary event taking place this weekend (7th-8th June)

“The race will see 800 ducks swimming between the locks for a 1st prize of £150.”

Its amazing that they got 800 ducks to enter the race, who’d have thought it, mind you I’m sure some will be doing it for charity. I always thought humans were strange because some have the urge to race a marathon, but at least we’re not the only species. I wonder if there will be any there racing in fancy dress?

Duck race
Yes I do realise they’ll be plastic!

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