URL a short one!

Over at GrannyButtons powerblog, Andrew has beenlooking at short URL redirections and got

www.grannybuttons.com = http://short.to/89

Hmm, well there seem to be a few short redirection domains out there. http://is.gd so 5 as opposed to 8 characters in the full domain. So giving it a go I get …

http://www.narrowboat.org.uk/ = http://is.gd/1GFz

though a longer final part means I only just pip granny’s at 10 characters to the 11 of his. Though is.gd isn’t the shortest domain, there is also http://w.cx which is only 4 characters. Giving this a try I get …


which unfortunately is 11 characters.

 So I wonder if I can get shorter ones??



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