What’s in a (domain) name?

Some people are really keen on collecting domain names, some even make a profitable enterprise out of it, others don’t get what all the fuss is about. Back in the day when I was looking to start up this blog I was looking for a domain – well initially I had it on a free domain but when that collapsed I realised I needed two things, firstly web space that wasn’t subject to the whim of an individual offering a freebie – so really a paid service, but more important my own domain name so that if I did, or was forced to, change web space providers then I wouldn’t have to start again with a new domain name somewhere.

Looking around at other people’s canal related blogs I saw many were www.nbboatname .com or .co.uk etc, so I considered www.nbsilhouette.com though others went for dropping the nb, such as grannybuttons.com, but unfortunately someone had pipped me to the post of www.silhouette.com or .co.uk. Though really people might find silhouette hard to spell correctly(sounds but some people do), so on a whim I thought “I wonder what generic canal related names are still available?” as this might prove more likely that random people could stumble across the site (other than me name dropping on several forums (hmm -ums isn’t usually the plural of an -um word, but that’s another issue) which may not always be welcome) and found, somewhat astoundingly, that narrowboat.org.uk was still available. I doubt it narrowboat.com will ever forget to be re-registered, but I’m happy with my dot-org-dot-uk.

However, I wonder if I’ve fluked it again…. Ol’ grannybuttons has been pondering short URL’s, as I previously commented on but non-memorable short URL’s or domains are of limited use. The idea of registering boat numbers, will give you a domain that’s likely to be unregistered, but could also be one that’s easily forgot by that other boater you’ve just passed who you mentioned it to! You could try http://www.80at.com/ or http://www.8oat.com/ if someone hadn’t got there first (how dare they not even use it for a proper site!!). Anyway, what I was going to say was granny’s post got me thinking a “what if …” and I really expected to be disappointed, but was pleasantly surprised to see no one had registered the domain that popped in my head.

W hat domain is that? Ooo you’ll have to wait as it takes 24 hours to complete the registration! Apparently?

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