The ultimate narrowboat domain?

It seems Andrew Denny and myself have been following each other’s posts over domain names. Now I suppose http://nboat.tk isn’t too memorable and if someone’s trying to remember it after being told in a pub/lock/etc may just remember it as nboat-dot-something-or-other. However it is probably better than some random short URL redirection service (they are great for creating links to post in forums, emails etc – I use them for this, but for verbal reference they no longer become short!). So, what then would be best? As Andrew stated narrowboat.com has gone, as too with most common extensions (like .org .net and .uk), and although there are some country extensions where its still available you may suffer from the problem that people may forget which extension (unless its a known common one for the country you’re in), though narrowboat.me is available with the new “must have” .me domain – though maybe afloatwith.me sounds better??

You probably are best with going for your boat name, after all grannybuttons is quite memorable if you tell someone lockside. For me, Silhouette.com has gone, though I’m glad as I would probably not have gone on to stumble onto narrowboat.org.uk

So a few days ago I mentioned I’d got another domain name. Well, after musing around what alternatives there were, and finding it puzzling that some people pause before pronouncing the dot-uk part, I thought what’s shorter than narrowboat.org.uk? Well narrowboat.org would be, but that’s gone just like narrowboat.com so how about http://narrowboat – ah some clever person is going to tell me that’s not valid and that some web browsers will automatically put on the .com part in such instances as all domains have to be something-dot-something. Okay, in that case why don’t I just place a ‘dot’ in the name somewhere? Well narrow.boat would be cool, but that’s not valid, there is no .boat Top Level Domain (why not, there is after all .name and .mobi amongst others), but there is .AT, which is the extension for Austria. Then I though, come on http://narrowbo.at is bound to have been snapped up by some URL redirection site drawing you in to some totally unexpected and non-nautical website, but its wasn’t – so now http://narrowbo.at points here 🙂

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