Narrowboat Favicon

This site didn’t have a favicon – I’d adapted a theme when I originally set the site up but never thought to add one. When reading a few other people’s boating blogs, many have a side bar with links to other boating blogs, as I do too, though I noticed some blogging software includes favicons when they list the sites (this is noticeable with the favicons of sites like blogger or typepad appear infront of several of the blogs). So I thought, maybe this site needs one too?

In deciding what to use I suppose I could simply have gone with one representing the bogging software I use, wordpress, but I thought I could try and make one. Initial thoughts would be that I needed something related to the site, but I thought why not the logo of my boat Silhouette? I did have it on a photo, so it was simply a case of putting it into a smaller file. I did a bit of tweaking and came up with:

Logo for Silhouette

Logo for Silhouette

Unfortunately whilst favicon’s can be various sizes (I did a 48×48) its displayed as 16×16 pixels so is fairly small. Still it’ll do for now.

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