Police Target Canal Crime

It’s been reported on the Derbyshire BBC News site that the police are launching a scheme to target canal crime. This seems to mainly be circulating an information pack, which I can assume will be similar to one I received at home a while ago when the police were targeting crime in my locality, with information about locking windows and not leaving valuables on display. It’s a scheme to enable a “channel of communication for reporting crimes” – is that because people don’t phone the local police, or the local police haven’t in the past responded to canal crime as the owners don’t reside locally?

It seems modern life and the sad reality of increasing urban crime has caught up with boaters hoping their boat is space to get away from it all. The scheme is welcoming if it makes people aware of who’s around, and I guess its similar to many BoatWatch schemes you see signs for on private moorings as you pass slowly by, but is it just a PR stunt. Producing a pack and helping owners to be more vigilant is good, but will they be putting more resources that way – such as deviating nearby patrols to coverĀ  the area regularly?

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