Knight Rider GPS

I already have a GPS unit, but if I was in the market for another, I’d be soooo tempted by this one.

It’s the first time since the TV Movie Knight Rider 2000 – has William Daniels been involved in anything officially Knight Rider. In fact it had been rumored for quite some time that Daniels wanted nothing to do with the series. We are thrilled that this was not the case, and now we have this device here, complete with newly recorded dialog by Mr. Daniels (this isn’t reused TV clipings, it’s 100% original recordings!)

One of the great unique features with this concept, is that KITT will address the driver by their first name. Simply set your name from the pre-recorded list of hundreds, and off you go. You can be Michael if you want to be a purist, but if your name is Aaron, Joe or David, you can have that personalized experience. (Unfortunately Devon, Bonnie, Wilton are missing from the list, but Mio hopes to address this error).

Maybe, like TomTom’s celebrity voices, some may tire of them after a while, but unlike TomTom this isn’t an impersonator (so it depends how similar they sound) its the original 😀

mio knight rider gps from knight rider online on Vimeo

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