Up Ashby in Sept

We are due out on Silhouette next week and were initially thinking of going down the South Oxford for the week, but things change. We are now going for just 5 days and whilst we could get down to below Banbury and back, another alternative is to go up the Ashby Canal.

We have been along the Coventry Canal a few times before but never gone up the Ashby. This is usually because we’ve been going somewhere else and when the timescale has permitted the diversion we’ve opted to go onwards liesurely than quickly nip up and rush. The Ashby is 22 miles long and lock free so will only take 7 hours to traverse, so depending what time we seet off on the first day we may even incorporate going to Coventry again (I’ll dig out my library card from my last time there so I can do some web browsing).

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