Day 7 Tewkesbury to Craycombe

We spent the morning around Tewkesbury before setting off back up the Avon just after 11:30. We first stopped for pump-out and fuel, mooring next to a guy cleaning his boat (looks better speeded up!), since places to do this further on are limited. Also speed upstream can be limited by strong flows in the river, though with little rain recently this wasn’t much of a hamper., so just in case we wanted long periods of full-throttle thought it best to not have to worry about fuel levels. Apart from a couple of boats around Tewkesbury it was a quiet start, with the only boats around moored in marina’s. We got to Strensham Lock for 13:23 to find two cruisers in, and so moored up before the swing bridge as they were coming down.

Onwards we went, nice day to be out and enjoying the scenery, but not really eventful. We got to Pershore lock at 16:10, and as it was too early to moor (in that I wanted to cruise a bit more), we stopped for some groceries as it’d most likely mean we wouldn’t be stopping near a pub tonight, and set off again just before 17:00. The weirs below Wyre Lock can be deceptive as they cause eddies next to the lock – just where you stop to get off to work the lock! I guess its worse when the currents stronger too!

We planned to stop at the moorings by Jubilee Bridge, but when we got there, found they were no more (just a very dilapidated landing stage). It was now 18:30 and the evening was starting to draw in, but still light (it was May after all). Fladbury Lock was just a bit ahead and got there for 19:00. Quite a few of the locks on this river also have overnight mooring, obviously very convenient – but this one didn’t. I suppose we could have just stopped anyway, but as there was some moorings ahead (and I remembered passing them on the way down so knew they were still there) we carried on. It took us 20 minutes after leaving the lock and there was space for one (otherwise we’d have had to double up).

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