Avon – Craycombe to George Billington Lock

Day 8, May 10th 2008, on the River Avon

We Set off from our moorings at Craycombe Turn, which are in themselves great unless you need somewhere with supplies or even a nearby pub, on another sunny morning. This is a nice rural section of the river, which keeps itself to itself. After a while we reach the first lock for today, Chadbury Lock, and onwards we continued on this very quiet river, no boats moving and very little flow, even the ferry was quiet. When we got into Evesham we passed a couple of canoes and then a couple of cruisers, so we then moored up to recover from the shock! Okay, we moored up to go and spend the day around town and have lunch etc, it just doesn’t sound as good.

Suitably satisfied, replenished, and all “walked out”, we set off again and up through Evesham Lock. So it was, we now bid farewell to LANT and on to the UANT. In the locks on the Avon you are supposed to have ropes both aft and forward, and so we did this in Eversham Lock – mainly because it has a lock keeper who insists on it before letting you ascend. Whether we do this in all the locks, I couldn’t possibly say. After the lock we continue up what seems our own private river, though we do meet another narrowboat after a while, just the one. We continue on to George Billington Lock, out of which pops a cruiser whilst we wait. We moor up above the lock on the nice moorings there, and spend the night on-board. There is a nearby pub, but its the other side of the river so would mean wading on the weir along side the lock to reach it, hmmm, good job there’s beer on-board.

(youtube alternative)

2 Responses to “Avon – Craycombe to George Billington Lock”

  1. S. Forester Says:

    Recently I have been intrigued with narrow boat life and what my plans are in the next few years. I did a search for canal boat or narrow boat movies, and I saw yours was the first posting. I enjoy the daily boat trips through the locks and I feel that if I give it a chance I could really enjoy myself. I am making my way through your blog and reading your daily postings. Very entertaining. I look forward to future posts and videos. Oh and really cool music.

  2. Nic Says:

    Thanks for the comments. I wanted a way to relive, and show others, where I’ve been and time lapse seems to keep it at a “watchable” length for the casual viewer. The slow pace of narrowboat cruising is great to experience, but not sure how much would be transferred if watching on video at real-life speed, unless heavily edited, lots of useful information added, and the viewer actively interested in that section. Most of the music is from archive.org and released under creative commons licence.