Avon Day 9 – Bidford, Binton, and Stratford

Its Sunday (11th May) and the day has a summery glow. A bright sunny morning and as we are moored at a lockside where nearby shops probably mean wading across the weir, we set off straight after breakfast. Its just after 9am, and round the first corner we meet another narrowboater out and about enjoying the morning sun. After an exchanged greeting we reach Robert Aickman New Lock ready for us, its less than half a mile from the last lock. Afterwards in the two-and-a-bit miles to IWA lock we pass one-and-a-bit boats (a narrowboat and a small cruiser aka tupperware by some)  Upon leaving IWA lock we passed nb Always waiting to enter. We reached Bidford at 11:15 and so moored up for a break and to go and get a paper and some supplies.

Set off again at 12:30 off through Bidford Bridge and onwards with the river to ourself. We went through Elsie and Hiram Billington Lock and on to Pilgrim Lock. As we entered the lock a boat was following behind, so chance to lock-share. Carried on to Welford and WA Cadbury Lock with nb Nodoka. The sunny Sunday afternoon seems to be bring out more boaters, unless its just busier towards Stratford anyway? The boat we are sharing with thinks we are going quite slow on the river, but the tiller shakes a lot when we open the throttle up, so sounds like something possibly on the prop. No real chance to stop until we reach Stan Glover lock (time now 3pm) and as its ready for us, we go through before waving goodbye to the crew of nb Nodoka and mooring up to investigate. It turned out to be several pieces of fabric and line – not enough to stop the engine, but enough to reduce the effectiveness of the prop. It also took an hour, as it wasn’t straight forward – first the engine has to cool a little and then once down in the engine compartment there’s a lot of grapling with the prop, the fabric, and a pair of scissors.

We set off again at 4.30pm, and off to Weir Brake Lock which we needed to set as no other traffic about since we stopped. After the lock its apparent you are approaching Stratford as the rural aspect is left behind. There’s mooring before CPW Lock, but we decide to go through and moor above.

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