Stratford Canal Timelapse

If you want a time lapse (timelapse) film of the Stratford-on-Avon canal you can simply view Day 10, on the previous post, and Day 11 – this post to get from Stratford to Kingswood Junction (to complete it you could add my Warwickshire Ring cruise – hmm maybe something I should do for a future time lapse??). After we stopped in Wilmcote (Day 10) we went off to the pub for the evening and had a very nice meal, come the next morning our engine wouldn’t start – well it started and stopped after 3 minutes and then wouldn’t start. So Day 11 wasn’t going to happen, and we called in help via the Ownershiops helpline. The first “mechanic” spent from 11am until 3pm sorting out what wasn’t the problem. We then had a second mechanic who worked out that it was the head gasket, though needed to come back the nexy day to work on the engine.

So Day 11 of our cruise takes place after the enforced stop, and is actually two days – why??? Well, after the second engineer had taken off the head of the engine on the first day, it was geting late and he took it away to check. The next day he’d replaced the head gasket and put the head back (that had a hairline crack in it but not enough that a new head was needed). So we set off after 1pm and rather than simply do a short video of  Day 11, as we simply stopped when we reached Wootten Wawen. So Idecided to put both that day, and the following where we left the Stratford Canal into a single “Day”.

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  1. Tyson Says:

    I really appreciate the time and effort put into your time lapse sequences, well done