Back To Lapworth

After a day and half delay, the engine was now working (ended up being a blown gasket), so we decided to set off and go for a few hours. It was almost 2pm, the sun was shining, and the canal was fairly quiet. We started off with a few lock-free miles and the engine was running fine, but there were clouds rolling in. There was a light shower by the time we passed Edstone Aqueduct, but it didn’t dampen the joy of being on the move again. Met another boat at the lock who were aiming for Stratford – I guess many boaters don’t bother to continue onto the river. We got to Wootten Wawen for 3.15pm and decided  to stop, as looking ahead it seemed to be quite a way before we got anywhere with a pub.

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Next morning we had a late start (you’d think after the enforced stop, we’d be raring, but hey) and set off at 11am. This canal continues to be fairly quiet though we did pass one boat on our way to Preston Bagot Locks, which is great as it means no queue for the locks. Passing an oncoming boat has the advantage of it usually means the locks will be set for us too.

It was a dull day, but the boaters were out and heading up the locks we met a few boats coming down. They seemed to be nicely paced out, so  that they weren’t waiting for the boat in front each time, which is the best way to go. When we got to Lowsonford, we decided to stop for lunch onboard. Continued through the locks afterwards – today we had 16 to do, so I guess get us back into the swing of things. Most of the locks were set for us and the only waiting time was for the to be emptied on occasion – usually as a boat was coming down. We made in onto the Lapworth Link for 5pm to stop for the night.

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  1. Paul Says:

    I am looking to get involved with restoration work on a voluntary basis, I live in Nottingham and am after information on who I need to contact or where I can go. Any information appreciated