Hi Def eats memory cards

When using my camera to take photographs for my videos I use the cameras lowest setting (640×480) even though its a 7MP camera. Previously youtube always butchered my videos so there was no appeal to go higher, and it also meant my two 4GB cards are fine for going out for a fortnight or a bit more. the policy change to allow higher quality uploads, has made me contemplate trying for HD video. As I was going down the South Oxford for a week (well shortened as we were elsewhere for Mothers Day), I moved the resolution up – not 7MP, or even 5 or 3, but just 1.3MP, but 1280×960 will allow a 720p HD version).

The small increase in resolution, increases memory requirements and I almost filled up 8GB of photo’s! Seems I need up to 2GB a day, so will need to get more cards for next time.

2 Responses to “Hi Def eats memory cards”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Hi Nic

    Its a good job they are getting so cheap now. I did initially play with the higher resolution but found the same as you. I takes a hell of a lot longer to render the movie though.

    It would be great if some cleaver sod could hack the firmware / software to give a better than 5 second minimum. Anyone up for it that you know of? I did ask Ricoh but they said no they wouldn’t do it. Shame as the camera could process it OK at that file size.


  2. Nic Says:

    Another alternative is to get an old camera and turn it into a timelapse camera by soldering a circuit to the button switch (like this)