wefollow twitter – but are we alone!

Earlier this month Andrew (of granny buttons fame)  did a post about utilising wefollow on twitter suggesting people

“Send a tweet to @wefollow, containing three words … that categorise you”

but the question that arises then is what words? Andrew uniquely chose @wefollow  #canals  #waterways  #narrowboats which you’d think were obvious choices, but not many other people have them.

It could well just be that not many canal-based Twitterers are using wefollow yet, possible as there probably aren’t that many canal goers using Twitter! So let’s ignore the number using the tags  (the #words tweeted to wefollow) and instead look at the popularity of category words used in actual tweets on Twitter itself.

Do you remember Venn diagrams from school, where you could compare relationships between sets? Well there is now Twitter Venn that allows you to put two or three terms to see who’s using those terms in actual tweets (if you put the three Andrew uses you find only his post at the centre). I’m only having a light hearted jibe at Andrew as this can be seen as biased – the 140 character limit of a tweet restricts what can be constructed using three specific terms. I suppose people could tweet “Love watching narrowboats on canals and waterways” or considering the username I have “@canals there’s narrowboats on waterways near me”.

Twitter Venn is quite useful though for putting in terms you might use and seeing if people combine them in a tweet – try canal and boat or similar terms, and its quite interesting.

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