Twitter for canal boaters

Having joined Twitter for a couple of weeks now, hmm Johnny-come-lately since some have been using it for ages, I got to the what’s it all for. Many people “get” the idea and use it to keep friends etc. updated, some join and after a short period think its a waste of space and move on. I’ve been posting updates a bit, but still feeling the way, but trying to think of how to make best use of it.

What use is Twitter for canal boaters? The obvious use is to say where abouts you are moored or heading – a micro-blog, and if friends are nearby they may meet up. This is okay for the continuous cruiser, but for the unfortunate rest of us it means a lot of weeks not mentioning this 😉 . Of course the micro-blogging side can cover everything and anything – just like a “proper” blog but if you look around some people seem to be using twitter for different purposes – such as story-telling games etc., but I was wondering what different feature might be useful for canalboaters? The idea popped in my head after I considered the various uses forums like Canal World Discussions have – after all forums are just another form of social networking. Canal World has a Stoppages section where people post post any stoppages information for the benifit of other users” which is great, and something that I browse before I’m off boating. However, if you are afloat it means browsing the web to check updates, or if you come across a stoppage, then browsing to post – if stuck lock-side for a day or two whilst BW fix that leaky gate you might if you have web access, otherwise it may have to wait! One aspect of twitter has been its “mobile friendly” format – though when they stopped sending updates for free this took a dent, so what if you could simply fire off a text message and instantly tell everyone of the problem?

Twitter seems a good option for sharing stoppages information. The idea is that by using the hash tag #stoppages anyone coming across a stoppage can report it or update when it’s no longer relevant. Hash tags can be searched for (as can any term but appending a hash hopefully distinguishes it from the use of stoppages in other updates) so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to have a range of methods to keep updated, from automatic listing on a website to methods of getting them send to your mobile, as these exist for other twitter-based uses. I’ll use my Twitter id canals to see what can be done.

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  1. eeyore Says:

    You are definitely not alone. 😀 It appears that we are all very new to Twitter and, like you, may not have got a handle on what it can do for us. Granny Buttons seems to be in th3e lead and I am follwing him!

    I am ‘eeyore49’ on Twitter because someone else has grabbed ‘eeyore’! 🙁