Arrgh pirates!

Okay, not exactly canal related, but BBC News yesterday reported about a tanker being Hijacked off the coast of Somalia.

Pirates have seized two European-owned tankers off the coast of Somalia in the past day, officials have said. The Greek-owned vessel Nipayia, with 19 crew on board, was seized on Wednesday … The Norwegian-owned tanker Bow Asir was captured by pirates on Thursday. It had a crew of 27 on board …  Warships from more than a dozen nations currently patrol the region, following a spike in pirate attacks in 2008.

If it sounds like deja-vu it’s probably as it seems to be getting a regular occurrence now. You can tell its getting almost mundane when someone starts creating comedic video’s, like the one below that’s on Weebl’s Stuff

[swf]http://www.weebls-stuff.com/flash/413_somalia.swf, 400,291[/swf]

Sorry to all, if you end up humming the tune after you’ve left the page 😉 . For your information – there’s a reference to Kenya, because he did one about that country before this (this is mainly a re-themed version of that one).

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