Spam Spam Spam

I seem to be getting an increasing number of spam comments – luckily I have it set to review comments before publishing so I can stop them from going live. I do have a couple of plugin-filters which stop the type with random words and links, but now there seem to be a few of very-generic phrases (I guess they are hoping to spread a single link via all the ping backs – or as some systems are set to automatically approve once a first one has been accepted, flood once their very-generic posts have been).

3 Responses to “Spam Spam Spam”

  1. Sue, Indigo Dream Says:

    In 11 months we’ve had just over 200 genuine comments but our blog spamfilter has trapped almost 1,700 items of spam!

  2. Richard Says:

    WordPress has fantastic spam filtering …..


  3. Nic Says:

    WordPress has filters via plug-ins, akismet is a great one for multi-link spam, but not all.

    The latest trend is spam that could easily be mistaken as genuine such as “So glad you posted. I like reading blogs like this.” which could easily be approved if I was going through lots of comments quickly, the fact that they usually have a URL from a marketing website or such and the fact that there’s 3 identical comments from seemingly unrelated people from different sites are give aways.