Warwick – Napton Timelapse

Setting off from Warwick this day’s cruise takes us the rest of the way along the Grand Union to its junction with the Oxford Canal. A very sunny March day and not too many boats about. It makes you wonder, the best time to be afloat seems to be on the cusps of the season when the canals are quiet but the weather is often good.

I guess this section of canal is more popular, we passed several oncoming boats in the first hour before we reached th first lock than we had been seeing in a day. Although we went up the first lock by ourselves we then started to share with a boat who followed behind us (not sure where they appeared from, had they been hinding on a mooring or had we missed them in the first lock and they caught up 😉 ), but sharing wide locks is always preferred and I’ll wait when I see one approaching in the distance. Fosse Locks can be thought of as quite leaky, but that’s probably part of the design to get water flowing down. This was more apparent on Bascote locks, with its very short pounds – the “flowing down not the leaky part). The short pounds themselves had high water levels so when someone emptied the lock above it flowed over the gates – helpful when you are going up on the lock below! Bascote Locks include a “staircase pair” that is two locks with no pound inbetween – the top gate of the lower lock is thebottom gate of the upper lock. Staircase pairs are fine its only once you increase the number of steps that you have to really think about what state the locks are in (full or empty).

We lock shared until just before Stocktop locks, when we decided to stop for lunch onboard. When we set off again, it seems that narrowboats have more in common with buses than just the diesel engines and along came one we could lock share with – hurrah. A couple on a Black Prince hireboat who seemed as happy as us at finding someone to share doing the lock flight with. We shared the remainder lock through to Calcutt Locks and though this is where we normally stop, we carried on (we had a couple of extra days because engine troubles had meant an unavoidable delay and the owners following had been given an alternative boat for the week). we parted company with our latest lock-sharing buddies at NaptonJuntion as we carroed on to a pub along the Oxford.


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