PC problems – the hunt is on.

When sorting out PC problems, its best trying to reduce the possibilities. The error code windows gave me (when I turned on the option to give it) indicated a hardware fault. As it often crashed when in BIOS (so XP not loaded), I decided to try with components removed (as had been suggested on a comment to my previous post). So starting from a cold PC (not been on for hours) I removed the Hard Disk and Graphics card meaning my system now comprised of

  • motherboard (with onboard graphics)
  • CPU (with heatsink and fan)
  • DVD drive
  • One stick of 1GB memory (removed one)

I’d enabled  the onboard graphics before booting from the DVD drive (using a linux CD) and it crashed. After rebooting, it stayed up and went through a rigerous memory test okay, so it’s unlikely the memory.

So it could well be a component on the motherboard with a tiny fracture that is okay once the PC is on for a few minutes and warmed up.

The only thing is I’ve an ASROCK socket-939 board, and there aren’t many 939 boards around. So do I try to seek one, or go for motherboard-cpu combo of another socket type (trying to keep the cost down so it may be of another unpopular socket if I do, which isn’t too bad as when I do want to upgrade properly I’ll most likely need faster memory anyway)

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