PC problems solved

I’ve finally solved my PC boot problem, and it wasn’t what I thought it was.

As of my last posts on the subject I’d eliminated the graphics card and the Operating System (as of suggestions of it being a virus) which left the likely candidates being a component on the motherboard or the memory. Everything had gone through rigorous tests, which was a puzzle. So to eliminate the memory I tried booting up with 1GB (I had two 1GB sticks), and the same happened¬†whichever memory I used, so I had decided that the motherboard needed replacing.

This morning I’d got out an old PC case (as I’d got a mico case a while back and put my PC in that) and suddenly had the idea of trying my old PSU – the thought being if it could be a micro component on my motherboard that works once warmed up, surely the same could be said of my PSU. So I removed the PSU, took the cover off my micro PC and hooked the old PSU up without removing the board (after all no point in putting the 350W one in if it was the mother board and not the micro case’s 450W PSU). It worked!! It booted up straight away without crashing – left it on for 10 mins then turned off and left it to cool before doing it again – tried once again and it worked again. So¬†relieved.

I can only assume that as its a switching PSU, it switches so not enough wattage comes through – either that or the PSU has its own POST? So bye bye Aspire PSU.

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