Planning for the BCN

I’m off out on the boat in mid-March, taking the boat from its base on the GUC to one on Shropshire Union  for 2010 (which means I can then do the Llangollen in August), which means I’ll be going through Birmingham. Well, you could avoid it, but I like the BCN – though I’ve not done all 100+ miles though it is nice to do different routes through rather than the main line each time. Last time I entered the BCN from the Birmingham & Fazely canal and did an unclosed loop encompasing parts of  Tame Valley Canal, Wallsall Canal , Wyrley & Essington Canal, and then onto the Main Line to the City Centre (from the Wolverhampton level I took the Gower Branch route down to the main level). However as my camera fell off its support just before Salford Junction, I don’t have any photo’s 🙁 .

So this time I’m coming in from the GUC and leaving going up Wolverhampton Locks, which I haven’t got on video. The question is what route? I suppose it depends on how much time I’ve got, last time I spent 4 days cruising and another based at the Black Country Museum. This time its only going to be 2 or 3 days, so I probably won’t want to traverse Wallsall Canal because it was very much overgrown and was very slow going with several trips down the weed hatch! So I could do the Tame Valley again to get on video, I suppose I need to plan a route rather than just toss a virtual coin each time I reach a junction 😉 .

In the past tended to leave/enter from the south by the Worcs & Birmingham canal, purely because there’s plenty of mooring on the Stratford-on-Avon Canal from which there’s a short hop to/from the moorings around Gas Street Basin. This time I think I’m going to go the GUC route in, but need to think about where to Moor. IndigoDream has a copy of the BCN moorings on their website from their cruise in July 2008 which makes good reading and plenty of photographs.

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