Next Trip Stockton Top – Norbury

I’m out afloat for a week going from Stockton Top to Norbury Junction over this next week. I should be heading up Hatton Locks on Mothering Sunday, then taking the GUC route to Birmingham. I won’t be going in the city centre this time, instead I’m going via the Tame Valley Canal and then exiting via Wolverhampton.
My Canon camera now has the timelapse software, via CHDK, on three 4GB cards which should be enough for the whole trip.

One Response to “Next Trip Stockton Top – Norbury”

  1. Phil Dickman Says:

    Hi Nic,
    Looking forward to viewing your trip !
    We’re back on Silhouette again in July, so I’d be interested to hear whether the new mid toilet tank has solved the previous ‘problem’ !
    Have a great trip !