Stockton – Norbury

I am back from my week afloat and now have 10GB of photographs (as each is about 80-100KB, that’s quite a fair few), or there about, which considering I took three 4GB cards did at least mean I had worked it out right. I was using the Canon camera I had bought second hand and formatted each card with CHDK, so I could run a time-lapse script. The advantages of this method were I could run it on a power adapter (no battery changing ritual every 90 mins or so), and the script was quite configurable; I set it up to take a shot every 2.5 seconds, which I’d estimated should fit on the three cards, with plenty of room for error and long days (in theory I probably could have gone down a whole second, but I wanted to see how this set-up worked without worrying about cramming the card full so much). The downsides of this system are that cards have to be FAT formatted (which really means 2GB cards, though 4GB work and there are work-around methods to use larger cards) and it’s technical (not really a downside, but there’s a learning curve).
We set off from Stockton Top Marina and spent the first night at Long Itchington, dining out at the Blue Lias pub. From there we followed the GUC into Birmingham, well we didn’t go into the centre, but took the Tame Valley canal across and then went onto the Wolverhampton level to follow that from the Engine Arm to Wolverhampton locks. From there it was on up the Shropshire Union to Norbury, where we ended the week.
The canals were quiet, still early in the season I guess, but the weather was dry though chilly in the morning. More details as I compile the videos.

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