D1 Stockton – Warwick

Our March trip on the boat was going to be a one-way trip from Stockton to Norbury as the boat is moving bases. We arrived at the boat late on Friday, or later than planned, so we decided to just go through Stockton locks and find somewhere to moor (we had only planned to go as far as Long Itchington anyway).
Saturday 13th March we were up early-ish and raring to go. It was a bright and dry morning – the previous week had been wet (we’d brought wellies and waterproofs – we often do anyway but were expecting to have to use them this week) so it was a nice surprise. As we set off I noticed the boat in front was decked out with balloons, had we missed a party? We went through lock 12 with just a jogger or two for company along the tow path. On approaching lock 13 there was a boat inside, going our way, and they waited and we lock shared. It turned out to be the Ownerships boat Compton.
The next locks were a mile or so off, and started with a staircase lock pair, Compton went in first and I followed with a helpful nudge to one side as they’d strayed from the lock edge. We progressed down Bascote locks fairly quickly, before I took the lead and set off. I’m not sure whether, for video purposes, its better to follow a boat or be in front. On one hand following a boat does give something to focus on, but avoiding it does mean you get to see the canal more. Today was the first day with my new set-up. I had tried the camera last year, but had got a 12v adapter for it to run off the boat’s 12v system, unfortunately it only output 3v when the camera needed roughly 3.2v. I did have an official 240v adapter, but didn’t take it then. This time I did, so my camera was running off the inverter, but at least it meant I no longer had to worry about changing the battery regularly.
After going down Fosse locks and Radford bottom lock we parted company with our lock-sharers as we were stopping for lunch. After lunch we set off for Leamington. There are a few supermarkets around this section of canal and we had purposely only brought a day’s worth of supplies with us (there’s enough things to bring without having to bring too many supplies too!). We opted for stopping at Tesco store just before bridge 46. Although we initially intended to go further we ended up deciding to stay here, or more accurately moving to the moorings bollards on the other side of bridge 46 and going off into Leamington Spa.
Below is the video of the day’s journey taken images shot every 2.5 seconds and turning into a 15fps film.
[youtube width=”598″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0FD7xHWsqc[/youtube]

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