What length for Youtube

I applaud Google’s taking over of Youtube, which I suspect some oppose purely because of the Google global domination strategy much like some people oppose Microsoft because of their market share. It is not because I love Google, though as I am a Gmail and Chrome user you may disagree that I’m not an adopter of all things Google, but because my timelapse video’s which have previously suffered under Youtube’s over compression techniques now shine under Google’s adoption of High Definition.
If you are uncertain of this claim, look at my Youtube videos and compare my older timelapse video’s with recent ones. I’ve always used a camera capturing 640×480 resolution (it’s just my March 2010 voyage I used a different camera that can capture quicker than 5 sec intervals), and used a similar compilation technique of turning the photo’s into video using a lossless codec and using Premiere to compile all parts and render into a HQ video with a 3k+ bit rate. Now at least everyone else can view the video’s as I see them before upload. Though I wonder if there would be interest in re-uploading older videos now they wont b over compressed.
I’ve strayed from my original premise for this post though. Youtube always had a 10 minute limit on uploads, so I’ve always kept them underneath this, but day 3 of my March 2010 trip took 9 hours, it exceeds this limit under my new rate regime. I just hope it keeps you all interested.

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