Canalplan photos

Canalplan is quite a good website for planning your cruises, I’ve often used it to get an estimate of what distance needs doing, so I can judge whether I need to get up earlier the following day if I’m behind or want to get a bit further – conversely if I’m ahead and want to detour somewhere instead. Another feature is the Gazetteer that users can upload snaps of canal features they’ve taken. Since I have my camera on automatic, I have quite a few photos of features, so I keep adding some. Just added some from the first few days of my March cruise. Having a leader board of contributors is quite nice a spurns me on to add more – I’m 4th on the list so far edging towards 900 photo’s submitted. If you’ve some photos of a trip try uploading some. Does that sound like a big ask? There’s 250+ people uploading, uploading 2 will get you in the top 200, or upload a dozen and you get into the top 100. Then you may get addicted and start uploading more.

One Response to “Canalplan photos”

  1. John Slee Says:

    Hi Nic,

    I’d like to use your Marsworth Junction picture on the NABO website. Can I do so, if I give you a link, please?
    I’d appreciate being able to use other pictures from time to time, if you give us permission, on the same basis.