Ownerships is dead, long live Silhouette

My narrowboat, Silhouette, is actually a shared owned boat managed by Ownerships, and I’ve had a decade of good boating. At the end of April I found out that the management company was to be wound up, this was confirmed in a letter, for more details see this post on narrowboat world. I had invested in one scheme (the free management scheme as it seemed a good way to keep my annual costs down) so I suppose better than many who had gone into all the various schemes, but it did leave people in a lot of turmoil.
Owners on different boats (the company managed 100+ boats) have faced various problems, some have had considerate yard owners, others receiving unpaid invoices in the post, and some turning up to the yard to find their boat chained up and presented with a sometimes large bill needing to be paid before releasing their boat. This is on top of finding out any of their money the company held (e.g. for insurance, maintenance, licensing costs) is gone, and set adrift on how to progress.
Silhouette’s owners have been been talking by email, like many other boat syndicates, to try and save this years holidays and ensure costs are met – essentially managing the boat ourselves. Many of the Ownerships staff are still helping owners, even though they are now working unpaid, in the short term, and yesterday there was a mass meeting explaining why Ownerships was going to the receivers. I attended the 1200 strong meeting and came out fairly positive. Yes, money has been lost, but unless owners in any particular boat don’t want to be owners no more then some method of managing their boat needs to be found. I still want to carry on with my trips out on Silhouette (until I can afford my own boat I guess), so we’ll need some method of managing the boat whether this is the new mutual company, some other management company, or we go self managed will need to be decided upon at some future meeting.

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